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Agenda Items

    o    All agenda items are added as received and include a combination of optional and required tasks.
    o    If a link to an an item is not found, it means the item has not yet been addressed.
    o    Not all items will be addressed, just because an item appears on the list does not mean it will be pursued.
    o    Items listed that are NOT required by the Governing Documents will be addressed on a volunteer basis.
   o    Contact a Board member to have new items added to the list. 

Item # Task Status Added Closed
ITEM00001 Distribute pool wrist bands Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00002 Appoint new ACC members Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00003 Resurface Tennis Courts Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00004 Resurface parking lot Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00005 Replace front entrance sign panels Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00006 Street repair Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00007 Sidewalk repair Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00008 Pool security lights Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00009 Pool surveillance system Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00010 Mailbox Replacement Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00011 Neighborhood watch Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00012 Address violation of Covenants Article V, Section 6  Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00013 Request for pool privileges Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00014 Pine Straw installation Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00015 Assess landscaping needs at front entrance Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00016 Gain possession of HartfordLakes domain names Closed 6/28/2014 1/27/2015
ITEM00017 Shutdown defective web site Closed 6/28/2014 12/7/2015
ITEM00018 Convert old web site to current toolset. Closed 6/28/2014 12/5/2014
ITEM00019 Update Registration with State Corporations Commission Open 6/28/2014  
ITEM00020 Replaster pool Closed 9/23/2014 12/16/2014

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